Hiding From Myself

My Complicated Rebirth into Womanhood and My Own Skin.

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This is a warm, funny, educational, and very human story and during this time in history, a reminder that we are all just humans trying to be our best. And that, like this book is a precious thing.

Colin Mochrie, Actor, Comedian, Producer
"Whose Line Is It Anyway"


Finally, I was revealing my true self to the world; someone I had recognized since the age of four. I confidently declared, "I'm a transgender woman–but a woman just the same."

In nearly an instant I had conquered my lifelong insecurities, fears, and demons by facing them with unapologetic authenticity. I was confidently staring down a societal construct that immersed itself in long-held sexual and gender-related mythology and ignorance. Had I finally overcome the mortal heartache of being a person who to me was anything but natural? Or was I about to be sideswiped by more adversity than I could have ever possibly imagined?

This must-read book will help extricate you from your irrational fears and help you uncover the courage and confidence hidden within you to become your best version—unapologetically you. It will help you discover a new understanding of the world, and yourself, all through the lens of one woman’s rebirth into the person she was always meant to be.

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This book will forever change your understanding of what it is to be unapologetically you.

Adam Glass, TV Writer/Executive Producer
Supernatural, The Chi, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, CBS Cold Case



Hi friends! I am so happy that you are here. When I embarked on writing this memoir, I also embarked on reliving my life. Not only was I the subject, but I was also as the observer looking in through the lens of someone who had already experienced massive transformation in her life. Brimming with numerous cathartic moments, I found myself taking this incredible journey as if it were completely foreign to me.

Reliving and organizing a life as complex and fluid as mine, was no small task. Whether you are transgender, know somebody that is transgender, or simply just want to be a part of this journey we will take together, my hope is that you will find a deeper understanding and connection that, in some way, will transform you as it did me.

My wish is that through reading this book, you will have a better understanding of who I was, who I have become, and how I am the same. My hope is that you get to know me by allowing me to share with you, some of the most intimate and private moments of my life, while at the same time touch your heart and soul.


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Colin Mochrie, Actor/Comedian/Producer
"Whose Line Is It Anyway"

“As the father of a transgender woman, I have never used the word journey so much in my life. We started in one place and wondrously ended up in another, more beautiful, exciting, and happier place.
Reading Amber’s book reminded me that everyone takes a different path to get to where they want. The beauty of Hiding From Myself is that the insecurities and fears that Amber had to successfully overcome are the very same that stops all of us from reaching our destinations.
Everyone can learn from this book, no matter your gender, sexuality, race, or myriad of other characteristics that make us who we are.
This is a warm, funny, educational, and very human story and during this time in history, a reminder that we are all just humans trying to be our best. And that, like this book is a precious thing.”

Adam Glass, TV Writer/Executive Producer

“This book will forever change your understanding of what it is to be unapologetically you.”

Rebecca Swan, Screenwriter/Producer

“As a transgender woman, this book connects with me profoundly. As a friend of the author, I am inspired by the fearlessness with which Amber shares her personal journey. As a writer, I am envious of her grace and style on the page. But ultimately, as a human being, I am deeply moved by every word in this book. In many ways this feels like a history of my own life, but told from Amber's unique and illuminating perspective. Even if you are not transgender and do not know much about the subject, this memoir will provide you with a rich and rewarding experience filled with life, love and self-discovery.”

Vivienne Mason, Author

“Amber’s personal story is one of tremendous strength and determination, in the midst of prejudice and personal deprecation, she has battled with incongruity every day. Amber’s honest and insightful book will touch your heart as you encounter the many road blocks and life changing events she has experienced. How she has faced the world and never been beaten, continually putting herself on the line and fighting for what is rightfully hers.
With Amber’s unique perspective of the male world as a transgender woman and as a loving dad she is a wonderful role model to the transgender community and to our society as a whole.
This is a must read for us all as we continue to learn the art of acceptance and embrace diversity – as we are all in ourselves unique.”

Christine Rizzo, Author & Certified Mindset Coach

“Amber’s life story is so inspiring!! I was so intrigued with her thoughts that I couldn’t wait to read what she wrote next. A real page turner. This book is going to help so many people understand what it’s like growing up transgender. Thank you Amber for sharing your story with the world.”

Sara Fackelman, Ph.D., LMHC, CAP, Board Certified Gender Therapist, Certified Clinical Sexologist

“Amber's book is an amazing, enlightening, and emotional look into the events that led her to her journey of authenticity and congruity. She uses her voice to invite the reader into her world of disappointment, frustration, and hope. If you want to understand the complexities a transgender person faces before and during transition, this must-read book provides a detailed, no-bullshit account of her experiences of love and adversity that will leave you emotionally invested and ready to overcome your own bouts with adversity.”

Priscilla Nelson, Certified Health Coach and Author

“Wow! This book will help SO MANY people!!! Amber's story shows the ultimate in vulnerability. Such a wonderful gift to others! ❤️❤️❤️”

Yael Boyle, Author, Sweet Like Snake Wine

“Hiding From Myself is the stirring portrait of a woman risking everything to find—and free—her truest self. A modern-day renaissance woman, Amber Rose Washington’s uplifting treatise on the inestimable value of a life fully realized promises not just a window into the transgender experience, but a singularly unique glimpse into the human condition as well.”

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Amber Rose Washington is an author, songwriter, musician, producer, public speaker, and advocate for the transgender community and has been featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, NPR, and a host of other media. Her new Podcast show, "THE JOURNEY, Unscripted" is scheduled to begin airing in April 2021.

Amber grew up in Liberty, New York; a small town in the Catskill Mountains. Her town and region were the inspiration behind the movie, Dirty Dancing. “The Catskills” are well-known by the Hollywood elite as the place where so many celebrities of the past got their big break. You can experience a glimpse into this region in the Netflix Original series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Her early accomplishments include working in the mid-90s as a music arranger and cowriter on an exhibit that brought attention to the children of Africa; most notably, in Ethiopia. After traveling to over 150 countries, this exhibit would find its home in the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

She had her true introduction into the music business from the late Ann Ruckert, who was the Vice President of the Board of Governors of the Grammy’s and vocal coach to the top names in the industry. While she wrote many genres of music, it was her smooth jazz that people would come to recognize.

Before coming out, Amber also worked with several cast members of HBO’s, The Sopranos and the movie Goodfellas in the capacity of producer. She has also worked with numerous mainstream music recording artists as a national and regional TV and radio voice-over artist, stage management, and live concert introductions in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville. Amber has also worked with The Kids' WB!, Court TV, and a host of other media organizations. Her music has been heard on The Weather Channel, 5-star Hotels, smooth jazz radio stations, the Smithsonian in Washington, DC, and a #1 track on the UK's independent country-crossover charts. She always surrounds herself with incredibly successful and influential people, from songwriters and musicians to Hollywood actors and screenwriters. She attributes her final amassment of courage that would allow her to finally live her life authentically to former President Barack Obama, who helped begin the real conversation about people born transgender.

Amber currently lives in Florida where she and her team are currently building out her platform which will allow her to bring greater awareness to the diversity of the human condition. This platform will also facilitate innovative and educational speaking engagements and interactive lectures at college universities, pride events, radio, Internet-based Podcasts, and TV interviews, and article-based media. She currently performs outreach to numerous regional transgender support groups in the United States and beyond.

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