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Do Something Good For Somebody

Reading Time: 5 minutes I used to work with one of the most talented songwriters/musicians back in the day named Ken Somerville. He once wrote an incredible track entitled, “Do Something Good For Somebody”, and to this day, it has left an indelible mark on me. The following article is to show through my own examples

You’ve most likely heard this song

In Your Eyes - Smooth Jazz
Reading Time: 2 minutes Ya Just Didn’t Know It Was Me A great songwriter/musician I was working with at the time was asked if he wanted to submit some material for George Benson and Lou Rawls to review for possible inclusion on their new album. The year; 1992. I thought it was amazing that they would

My Experience of Being ‘Set Adrift on Memory Bliss’

Attrell Cordes (Prince Be - PM Dawn
Reading Time: 2 minutes I was a registration manager for the New Music Seminar in New York City. Long before American Idol and The Voice, The New Music Seminar was the premiere showcase convention where up and coming musicians, songwriters, and various artists would be given a huge platform to showcase their stuff and possibly get themselves a recording deal. The year; 1993.

The Impact of Misgendering and Deadnaming

Effects of misgendering and deadnaming
Reading Time: 6 minutes The terms misgendering and deadnaming are foreign to many people. Some that are not familiar with these terms and what they mean believe them to be “politically correct snowflaking”. Some are so lost when it comes to transgender concerns that they would rather believe dangerous and backward-thinking ideologues like Ben Shapiro or
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